Reward & Communication

17 bite-sized sections
The objective of this module is to outline the methods of communication we use at Agility Wise. Understanding how to communicate effectively with your canine partner will not only be the key to a successful agility partnership, but will help in everyday life too.

The module is a fundamental aspect to your foundation training and underpins all we do at Agility Wise to reinforce and communicate with our Canine Partner. The module also offers a chance for the more established partnership to refresh their methods of communication to add value in terms of motivation and communication.

Key subjects include
  • Toy play
  • Treat usage
  • Verbal commands.
Who’s it for?
  • Puppies & Young Dogs
  • Older dogs just starting their agility journey
  • Established partnerships looking to enhance areas of their training
What do I need?(We recommend the below, but these are not essential)
  • Variety of toys
    • Cage ball or Dead toy
    • Hand tuggy
    • Lunge toy
  • Treats
  • Treat Clam
  • Manners Minder or Treat dispenser
Active Duration: 3 Months
Subscription Available: Yes

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