Active Canine Balance

Since 2010, Canine Active Balance (Maria Johnston) has supported the physical wellbeing of Natasha’s dogs and has been influential in her support with injury prevention and performance enhancement over the years. Natasha, due to her Sport Science approach to agility, has been supported by therapeutic professionals for the past 20 years to help her and her dogs achieve the very best in the agility ring.

Maria is a very valued part of Natasha’s team as she has a wealth of experience and knowledge from a Physiotherapy, Tellington T-Touch and Agility background. She delivers sound, well rationalised clinical practise that supports Natasha’s ‘injury prevention and performance enhancement’ ethos. Maria has travelled with Dizzy to all her international performances since 2011 and continues to be a core part of this successful team.

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Dizzy, Maria & Natasha - European Championships France 2016