Introducing Jump Skills (Complete Set)

The objective of this module is to provide a step by step breakdown of the jumping skills Natasha would teach a dog in the first six months of its agility journey. The module provides detailed explanation of each skill, how to teach it, what to look for, as well as where and how to reward to get the best outcome.

A comprehensive guide to introducing jump schooling. Through the 12 chapters of this module you will be taken through Kiki and Toto's journey, from jump commitment through to sequencing.

Key subjects include
  • Verbal consistency
  • Cone and Wing commitment
  • Front Cross Wing Wrap
  • Rear Cross Wing Wrap
  • Pivot Wing Wrap
  • Shoulder Rotation (Loose Turns)
  • Value for Handler Line
  • Drive
  • Sequencing
Who’s it for?
  • Dogs over the age of 8 months
  • Dogs / Handlers starting their agility journey
What do I need?
  • Good Flatwork Skills
  • Strong Communication & Reward Methods
  • 6 Jumps
  • Dead toy or Manners Minder or Lotus Ball (essential)
  • Hand tuggy and Treats (essential)
  • Cone (essential)
  • Barrel (optional)
  • Clicker (optional)
Active Duration: 3 Months
Subscription Available: Yes

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