Handler Movement Skills

18 bite-sized sections
The objective of this module is to help you as a handler move efficiently by enhancing brain to foot co-ordination which in turn will improve your reaction times and get you from A to B quicker.

With input from professional Football Coach Jason Goodliffe (UEFA B), this module focuses on improving your movement efficiencies around the course by using football-based skills and applying them to agility specific movements. Please note, this is not an intense exercise focused module, but a series of simple and effective exercises designed to improve your movement around the agility course.

This educational module is designed to introduce you to effective handler movement skills and its application to the agility setting and provides something for everyone.

The content includes:
  • An Introduction to the rationale as to why handler movement skills are important within the sport of agility,
  • Present a scientific introduction as to why the exercises we are presenting are effective to improve you and your capabilities,
  • Practical sessions with Jason coaching Natasha through the fundamental foundation exercises,
  • An application to common movement techniques required around the course that handlers find more challenging to execute.
  • exercises for you to take away to practise at training and also implement in your build up to competitions
Key subjects include
  • The benefits
  • Sports science theory
  • Foundation skills to improve movement
  • Course techniques
Who’s it for?
  • Handlers of all ages
  • Handlers looking for fractional gains in competition
What do I need? (we recommend the below, but these are not essential)
  • 5 flat cones
  • 4 small cones (can be substituted)
  • 4 jump wings (can be substituted)
Active Duration: 3 Months
Subscription Available: Yes

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