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The objective of this module is to introduce the partnership to the various movement skills required of both the dog and hander in agility. Understanding the movements will help you build the techniques needed without the need to teach the equipment!

Flatwork is conducted at a young age at Agility Wise but the skills acquired at the stage are often regularly visited throughout the dog’s career in Agility.

This module will guide the partnership through the skills required to conduct the movement patterns required for Agility without the use of equipment. The techniques introduced in this section can be practised anywhere and therefore gives a big range of diversity to the schooling and education you can give your canine partner.

Key subjects include
  • Drive
  • Circle Work
  • Handler position transitions
  • Front Crosses
  • Rear Crosses
  • Deceleration
  • Combining movements
Who’s it for?
  • Puppies & Young Dogs
  • Older dogs just starting their agility journey
  • Established partnerships looking to enhance areas of their training
What do I need?
  • Flat cones or Barrel or Jump wing
  • Hand tuggy
  • Cage ball or Dead toy
  • Manners Minder or Treat dispenser
Active Duration: 3 Months
Subscription Available: Yes

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