All Definitions and Skills

This module provides you with discounted access to all of the bite sized definitions and skills in this section of Online Educational Modules.

The complete bite sized bundle defining every agility term and how best to execute it for ensuring consistency in training to competing.

Natasha guides you through each of the terms, what your body language and verbal commands should be doing as well as where you should break down and reward.

Key subjects include
  • Glossary of every defined term
  • Every jump skill broken down to verbal, body language and reward points
  • Contacts and Tunnels skills broken down to verbal, body language and reward points
  • Additional skills you require for competition and training
  • Variety of Weave skills needed for competition performance
Who’s it for?
  • Handlers of all ages
  • Handlers looking for clear understanding of agility terminology and its execution
  • Established partnerships looking to enhance areas of their training execution
What do I need?
  • Dead toy or Manners Minder or Lotus Ball (essential)
  • Hand tuggy and Treats (essential)
  • Cone (optional)
  • A-frame
  • See-saw
  • Dog Walk
  • Tunnel
  • Weaves
  • 3 Jumps
Active Duration: 3 Months
Subscription Available: Yes

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