Active Balance Pawlates

11 bite-sized sections
The objective of this module is to deliver fundamental information to enable you to improve your dog’s overall musculoskeletal health and build the skills of a solid foundation conditioning program. In addition it also aims to help you understand how correct canine posture can influence all movement.

Do you get overwhelmed by the vast array conditioning exercises and the amount of equipment needed? Are you not sure where to start? The module leads you through the fundamentals of your dog’s structure, how to asses their posture and simple yet effective exercises to enhance your dog’s musculoskeletal health. This straightforward, easy to follow module is written by Active Balance Veterinary Physiotherapist Maria Johnston (AdvCertVPhys, FIRVAP, Tellington TTouch Practitioner Level 3, APDT) sharing her year’s of experience in canine sports industry.

Maria’s skill base includes successful outcomes in the field of performance enhancement, management, maintenance, and rehabilitation of the canine athlete and the family pet dog too. Your increased knowledge will enable you to improve your dog’s posture and musculoskeletal health, supporting them to be more flexible to adaptation, performance enhancement and injury prevention. Increasing muscle tone with correct posture, enhances balance, coordination and power, all fundamental requirements of any canine.

The content includes:
  • An Introduction of the rationale as to why conditioning is important within all canine sports, especially Agility,
  • Present a theoretical overview as to why conditioning exercises are effective to improve your dog’s physical capabilities,
  • Practical demonstrations with Maria coaching various dogs through the fundamental Active Balance Pawlates exercises,
  • Exercises for you to take away to conduct and implement to improve your dog’s musculoskeletal health and physical condition
Key subjects include
  • Why conditioning is important to all dogs
  • Fundamentals of your dog’s structure
  • Understanding your dog’s posture
  • Active Balance Pawlates exercises
Who’s it for?
  • All dogs of any age
  • Owners/handlers looking to enhance their dog’s musculoskeletal health
What do I need?
  • Treats
  • A calm space
  • A chair (preferable)
Active Duration: 3 Months
Subscription Available: Yes

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