Your Online Personal Trainer

Bespoke, Individual and Specific training advice right at your finger tips

If you are looking for bespoke, individual and specific training advice – Your Online Personal Trainer at Agility Wise is here to help you.

Your Online Personal Trainer enables you to present an area in need of feedback or support by video, mail and/or document – the more detail the better and submit it to Agility Wise. Natasha will review your content and area of concern, provide you with an overview of the problem, reasons as to why this can occur and provide an individualised training program to assist you with working on rectifying the area of concern or development need.

Your Online Personal Trainer here at Agility Wise can support you with the following:

  • Specific area of concern,
  • Feedback on general training performance,
  • Competition course analysis to focus training and competition skills,
  • Support with specific obstacles e.g. Contacts / Weave poles,
  • Struggling with mastering a specific handling technique,
  • Specific support after purchasing an Educational Video,
  • Feedback on an area of training within the Agility Wise Online Training Club.

This product at Agility Wise is designed to support you as an individual with an area that is specific to you so you can move forward with your training, hopefully our list above gives you a few ideas of ways we can support.

So How Does It Work?

On purchasing this product, you will be asked to answer a number of questions to highlight the area in need of feedback/support. You will then be asked to upload a video or series of videos to demonstrate the issue you are experiencing. In addition, you will also be given opportunity (if needed) to upload any supporting documentation to aid understanding of the history to the issue. This will be submitted to Agility Wise, all sessions will be reviewed and actioned by Natasha and a response will be delivered within 7 days. In some cases, Natasha may require you to answer some further questions to enable her to support you. All correspondence will be held for you to see on your login pages here at Agility Wise and will remain confidential to you and Agility Wise.