Doggy Jumps

Since 2011, Doggy Jumps has been equipment provider to Natasha. As well as training her own dogs, Natasha also conducts her personal training sessions on their fabulous equipment. Due to her focus of injury prevention and dog’s longevity in the sport, equipment design and safety is at the core of her values. She will not expose dogs to unnecessary risk and will try to minimise potential risks in the sport as much as possible. Doggy Jumps are key to this fundamental value as they support and respond to change by providing well-constructed equipment that will not only keep dogs as safe as possible but are open to developmental ideas to improve areas of concern in the sport.

Doggy Jumps equipment is also very durable as is evidenced in over the past 4 years of use, as it is showing little signs of deterioration. The well-engineered jumps even stay up in windier conditions where most other jump providers do not. Doggy Jumps Equipment is made in a variety of colours, making the agility equipment very pleasing on the eye and can be tailored to anyone’s desired colour scheme.

Natasha is very grateful for the supportive manner of both Kelly and Adam White, as they often attend elite national and international events to support her and the dogs. They understand the challenges of competition and have a supportive reaction to performances whatever the outcome.

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