Online Training Club

Ever get stuck for ideas and focus points within your training? Agility Wise Online Club is here to support you.

This subscription based service provides you with exclusive access to the Agility Wise Online Training Club. Here, Agility Wise will set you a training sequence every 2 weeks, with 3-4 focused exercises to practise and train on. In addition to the exercises we will also set you objectives for the exercises so you know what you are looking to achieve and why. You will also be provided with ideas of how and where to reward to get the most out of the sessions and therefore reach the objectives.

Who’s it for?

The Agility Wise Online Training Club offers something for everyone. Whether you train on your own, in a group, or you are an instructor who struggles for ideas, or a club looking for ways to make your teaching consistent across groups and instructors, the online training club can help you and those you train achieve your ambitions.

How does it work?

The Club is split into 3 sections, Starters (KC G1-2, UKA Beginners, FCI A1), Novice (KC G 3-5, UKA Novice, FCI A2) and Advanced (KC G6-7, UKA Senior / Champion, FCI A3) so that you can receive course designs most relevant to you.

Every fortnight a new course layout is uploaded with 3-4 sequences to work on for each level of club. With each sequence you will receive clear objectives, suggested handling techniques and a breakdown of suggested reward points to help you and your dog’s partnership improve.

What do I need?

Courses will vary from submission to submission. It is advantageous to have access to a full set of competition agility equipment but not essential, as you will not use all of the equipment in one course, so items can be substituted if you do not have a particular piece of equipment available.

What are the benefits for individuals?

As an individual in can be difficult to think of fresh and challenging courses and sequences. We all tend to set what we like to train, which can be a restriction in progressing. Agility Wise Online Training Club helps by providing you with fresh course ideas, clear objectives, different handling options and efficient lines whilst providing detail on where to break the sequences down and reward to get the best out of your training. Natasha can also provide assistance and feedback through the Online Personal Training option (separate product) to help you with your specific needs should you need advice on particular areas of training.

What are the benefits for groups and clubs?

As an instructor it can be difficult to think of fresh ideas for training, or to set appropriate courses for the grades that you do not compete in. Agility Wise takes away that stress by providing new courses, training objectives and reward points to help ensure you are being consistent in your training of others. You can subscribe to any number of Clubs, but by subscribing to all 3 Clubs you can receive between 9-12 sequences on the one course that would be suitable for all levels of competition and training. This ensures that all instructors are teaching on consistent course layouts and that all your club members are receiving consistent training for their level of competition. Clear course objectives and reward points help instructors to understand what they are teaching and why, and can help in their own personal development and understanding of the best places to reward and why. Natasha is also available to provide feedback and advice to the club and its members through the Online Personal Trainer section of the site (separate product) should you need assistance with any of the sequences.

So in a nut shell…

It’s 1 course, 9-12 sequences, 27-35 objectives, 27- 35 reward points and endless handling options! Times this by 2 and you have plenty to work on for the month!

Natasha, Matt & Pebbles celebrating the Kennel Club Olympia Agility Dog of the Year win in 2018 - Photo by Yulia Natasha, Matt & Pebbles celebrating the Kennel Club Olympia Agility Dog of the Year win in 2018 - Photo by Yulia